die Vorfreude: A Modern-Day Ranting

With ample of air thrusting deep towards my intestines, my senses have started to rebel the cause. I am falling down the society, as my opinions sail with a disarrayed hawse.

Society is actively prospering under its ‘gradation-system’; is it? Picture credits @jun_dagmang via instagram.

“Silk was to shimmer

But silence went dimmer

Land was to spread-grasses

But traps there, laid masses.”

Realising that the world is getting bleak (and populous) as the day shades off into nothing, it makes me lose hope. Killings, tortures, not only slavery and rapes by forgers; it makes me lose hope, witnessing them slay heights of the modern slope.

No religion, no creed, no assumptions and no greed. With crossed hearts and crayons, to bias and gender differences, I once said I would pay no heed; not now, not to mention tomorrow. 

Thud..! I am finally experiencing stability, still as moving earth. Crave for a better future is what eludes me sadly, as my visions too seek dearth. I experience stability, still as moving earth; return to exposed time eludes me and is blocked by a narrowed firth.

Here I am now, trapped; upon guns, the gory pits, empty faith and the hollow-clits, with “us”.

“Just Us!” ©Neha Das

Quantum tunneling is one solution which exploits loopholes in the space-time coordinate map allowing us to venture ‘deeper’ into the unknown territories of time-traveling. Oh, but will it take us back to when Satan was just like us? Or are we trapped inside this timescape forever, wherein Satan echoes through all of us?

May God bless.

Featured Art: “Just Us” by Neha Das.


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