Brain or Heart, most of us are only able to serve either of their pleas (of betterment/development), completely ignoring remainder of the two.

While adjusting to our preferences (that is where the components start differing in consensus), accidentally we tend to catch some vibes (radiated off others and start calling them soulmates, earmarking them for an eternity), but we know somewhere deep down that the connect is never not temporary.

Wo haadsa kaisa tha jo humein kareeb le aya.. Wo kaunsa waqt tha main tumse nazar milaya tha?” (वो हादसा कैसा था जो हमें करीब ले आया? वो कौन-सा वक्त था, मैं  तुमसे नज़र मिलाया था?) In this thought from the soulful ballad (Nazm), penned and strummed himself, Rangman Das recalls the moment (deeming it as an accident or ‘haadsa’) that once made him bump into his (now long lost) love. (Listen to it here)

The comrade left out (from the ‘heart versus mind’ face off), rather awkward and empty, he gets eaten up by an unfilling rust thus, and his existence appears as if an attempt towards herding cats. The tarnish heaps alongside the passing moment while further contributing positively to nourishment of the fellow that gets all the attention. This process further disjoints the already connected vibes (talked about earlier) and re-equates us eventually to newer niches.

I believe it is only human nature not to, but the laws of our being also don’t demean growth away from the norms i.e. aging of novice vibes under a shed of the elder ones (societal/parental/love relations) only by keeping the necessitous away from further staling. Everything henceforth depends upon a healthy flow of oxytocin!

I don’t want to lose any relation I have earned until now, do you? – Think over it. Introspect, interpret, imagine and then try to do away with the “rust” that kills either societal presence while achieving success or vice versa.

May God bless you a blissful life ahead.

Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below. Let us spread smiles and grow healthy!

©Soumyadeep Mukherjee
Visiting Artist: Rangman Das

Featured image: Explore Alaska by Chase Burnett (@ChaseBurnett) via @WanderVSCO


22 thoughts on “Cobwebbed

  1. It feels great to see your childhood buddy grow like this…!!! 🙂
    Nicely written…!!! I’m glad you’re investing your time productively rather than playing that Useless FIFA video game…!!! 😀 😛 Koi na kuch din ki baat hai, happy aane waala hai productivity tabaah karne ke liye…!!! 😀 😀 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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