Err.. Anyone?

Following excerpt was originally posted by Maeca Eviota (on Phenomenalisms)

While some might debate that the Serbian film is the most disturbing movies of all time, we tend to differ – it is Begotten. This is one film that will creep up in your dreams and will give you countless uncomfortable nights. Yes, that’s what you get when you see ‘God’ ripping (god suicide scene) himself apart piece by piece on screen, till nomads rape and kill him. The scenes will invade your sub-conscious and make you feel sick. It’s not only the sickening scenes but the dreaded idea of God disemboweling himself  that makes this film so inhuman. Surprisingly, there is not even a single dialogue in the movie but the background score is so horrifying that it simply makes the dialogues irrelevant.”

On a personal level, I’m baffled with ‘unusuality’ of the concept alone, one that the above plot projects; indeed against the IMDB ratings, I am looking forward to it.. am I? (with a hesitant smile)

Well umm..  anyone interested in sharing popcorns? (*puppy face*) 


8 thoughts on “Err.. Anyone?

  1. I had forgotten about Begotten! I remember discovering that grainy black and white scene for the first time on YouTube: the god creature shaking in its chair with the song “A Stray Child” from Silent Hill 3 playing in the background. It scarred me for life! *Shutters*

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