Until Dusk..

Do you know how the first night was formed? How ‘evening’ took advantage of an ever-growing universe, to pull away two brothers in arms?..

Owing to its selflessness, sun lost ground to the moon. To latter’s seeming immaturity, it stood no chance.

“The sun had a promise to keep,

To let the fearless midnight breathe;

For which it had to set a foot aside

Letting the mourn of dusk lay sheathe.”

Even today it approaches the skies, two minutes prior to schedule and also two minutes later upon dusk, only to hear a few verses from its sibling.



20 thoughts on “Until Dusk..

      1. Perhaps it is easiest to copy (visual mode for your draft blog post) my blog post on the award; and then change everything which applies only to me with things applying to you. Like replies to the questions, your nominees instead of mine, etc.


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