Nostalgic while high? Stressing out with troubles in life, after a pitcher of beer? Science says you might be doing it wrong all this long. 

There are minimum 20 advantages that come packed with a pilsner-full, including anti-cancer properties, prevention of gallstones, keeping heart healthy and hypertension away, lowering risk of dementia, anti-aging aspects and busting stress, etc. Beer is also among the least notorious alcoholic beverages, with only 4.5% alcohol content (weight by volume; only ethanol is considered fit for consumption purposes).

A pint of beer (daily) might have numerous advantages but it has a soring effect on children and young adults (until age of 18; even those belonging to 19-25 age category shouldn’t be over-dependent on alcohol as the brain is still developing), insomniacspregnant/lactating women.

​Dad: “You can have a sip.” 

(Son hits back with a nasty face after tasting it) 

Dad: “Huh? Like piss, right?”

Son: “Worse!”

Dad: “You remember that when your friends offer you a beer.”

This grab from the 2k14 movie ‘Chef’ was iconic in its own ways and is one of my favorite dialogs of the decade.

Again, a mug of beer might have many advantages, (sic) it still carries some amount of alcohol that has varying actions/effects depending upon the organ systems. Alcohol severely targets the brain and enhances the action of neurotransmitters,small chemical impulses relaying stimulus from one nerve cell to another. Generally, alcohol triggers the action of inhibitory neurotransmitters such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (popularly known as GABA) retarding responses. This results in a sluggish order, uncoordinated movements; it may also lead to stupor, comatose and even at times, death.

If only the alcohol part  entering the brain was to be barred from action. Huff!

Cerebral cortex (controlling conscious responses) and the limbic system (loaded with olfactory centers, and emotional and behavioral aspects) are the first targets of ethanol (1). The alcohol activity later stretches from cerebellum until medulla; similar to how (in order) an open-hearted laughter treads through the human brain. Sharing of a particular order may not be a mere coincidence after all. Motor region of the cerebral cortex being primarily triggered by the limbic system, laughing effectors traverse a ‘cerebro-ponto-cerebellar‘ pathway. However, in contradiction to alcohol, a healthy laughter enhances excitatory cross-talk among the neurons. Instead of hindering with responses, laughing enhances the senses, in a way that counteracts alcoholic dizziness.

Amethyst arrives from an ancient Greek word, “amethystos” which means remedy against drunkenness. A purple-blue quartz used in jewelry, it was believed that amethyst successfully cleared off the effects of alcohol. In this article, similarities are being drawn among the crystalline quartz and an immaterial emotion- Laughter.

Laughing may also enhance the absorption of alcohol content, decreasing the time taken to break it down for excretion/storage. It may also behave as a powerful de-addiction tool.

Combining the results of independent studies this article displays how, on a laughing note, even the fizzy alcoholic beverage transforms into a blessing, capable of curing all insurmountable health problems (only when gulped in a limited quantity i. e. till you are jingled all the way).

**Ah! Unlike coffee, beer doesn’t build up tolerance and also, an increased threshold amount is NOT required each time you wish to fetch a similar stimulation.

Drink healthy, laugh healthy. May God bless you.

Click here if you wish to know more on the actions of ethanol: Mechanism, Intake, Excretion, After-effects, etc.


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