Produced and secreted in brain (by hypothalamus and the posterior pituitary), only one peptide balances rationalism with affection: The intent of a reader to get inside a piece of work and equally likely – the author’s depth at it is measured by the same.

Everything un-enticing submerged as the vapors of colloquial verses captivated the ever rushing moment. Chaos trapped within a material cranium jumped upon it’s toes, as if a ballerina freed asudden. A compilation of the author’s eruptibility now braised in brimming oxytocin.


A refreshing scent of perfectness blasted out on turning to the very first page; stepping over the final full stop, the reader wished for some more. Intertwining perspectives of the unknown shores thus filled colors to an incomplete relationship and the heart, stuffed in narration, moved on to drip someone, somewhere else.


Onliest highway connecting two immiscible entities (brain with heart), is the most valuable aspect of an animate body.
Dear friends, thus never resist from reading/writing erotica, bonding with new people and even self admiration because a bucket full of oxytocin, the hormone that intimidates the senses to yield mindful commotion, is waiting to be splashed at you. May God bless us all.

Featured art created by Neha Das.


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