**A brief introduction to the concept of triple point (a concept which dates back to 1873, when James Thomson coined the term).

Performers at the circus are usually sighted multitasking, and on the same lines, can water be pictured doing the same i. e. multitasking (not juggling on a unicycle of course)? Yes, it has now been shown to exist in all three of its material states at a given instance: Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Looks like ‘boiling ice’ has lost it’s oxymoron-ic sheen too soon. Amazed?.. Hold it.

What happens here is that “the boiling liquid causes high-energy molecules to rise as a gas, which in turn lowers the temperature of the boiling liquid and makes it freeze.” (SOURCE

Err.. how? The logic behind this is quite silky; vary the pressure at stable temperatures (or for that matter vice versa) until all the three forms/states give in to each other. The condition achieved here, is known as ‘thermal equilibrium’.

This is exemplar of how science never fails to resuscitate our childhood imaginations.

The study eventually indicates that the clinical thermometers need re-calibration.

Observation of this property in important substances like water, argon, oxygen, neon and hydrogen has broaden the comparability and compatibility of temperature measurements internationally and so concerns you too.. 

(Data source: National Physics Laboratory, UK and Curiosity)

Indeed unique!


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